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e-book : Risk Management in Finance: Six Sigma and Other Next Generation Techniques.

eISBN : 9781119197812

Sommaire : Contributors : Brian Barnier, Ying Chen, Jill Eicher, Pedro Fabiano, Allan D.Grody, Praveen Gupta, Jeffrey T.Hare, Peter J.Hughes, Nasrin R.Khalili, Andrew Kumiega, David Loshin, Michael Mainelli, Richard Marti, Bruce Rawlings, Claudio Schuster, Brett Trusko, Ben Van Vliet, Chris Zephro.

Chapter 1: Introduction.
Chapter 2: Data Governance in Financial Risk Management.
Chapter 3: Information Risk and Data Quality Management.
Chapter 4: Total Quality Management Using Lean Six Sigma.
Chapter 5: Reducing Risk to Financial Operations through information technology and Infrastructure Risk Management.
Chapter 6: An Operational Risk Management Framework for All Organizations.
Chapter 7: Financial Risk Management in Asia.
Chapter 8: Doing Business in Latin America: Lessons Learned and Best Practices for the Protection of Foreign Investors.
Chapter 9: Mitigating Risk Exposure in Transitioning to the IFRS.
Chapter 10: Quantitative Operational Risk Management Methods.
Chapter 11: Statistical Process Control Integrated with Engineering Process Control
Chapter 12: Business Process Management and Lean Six Sigma: A Next-Generation Technique to Improve Financial Risk Management
Chapter 13: Bayesian Networks for Root Cause Analysis
Chapter 14: Analytics: Secrets to Deriving Business Value and Insights out of Information
Chapter 15: Embedded Predictive Analytics: Transforming Risk Management from Review Function to Competitive Advantage
Chapter 16: Reducing the Financial Risks in Litigation and Legal Discovery (pages 183­196)
Chapter 17: The Circle of Trust
Chapter 18: Reducing Liability Risk through Best Environmental Practices
Chapter 19: Beyond Segregation of Duties: Next-Generation Techniques in Evaluating User Access Control Risks
Chapter 20: Transaction-Based Cross-Enterprise Risk Management
Chapter 21: Throughput Accounting
Chapter 22: Environmental Consistency Confidence: Scientific Method in Financial Risk Management
Chapter 23: Quality in the Front Office: Reducing Process Variation in Trading Firms (pages 289­297
Chapter 24: The Root Cause of the Global Financial Crisis and Corporate Board Reforms to Prevent Future Failures in Risk Management

Langue : Anglais

Lieu d'édition : TORONTO

Localisation : Bibliothèque Campus de Nice

Support : Numérique

Etat : Présent

Propriétaire : Bibliothèque

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